Hello! My name is Soyuj Jung Basnet and I'm a computer science and math student working on machine learning. I am a rising Junior at NYU.

I was born in Chitwan, Nepal and I spent the majority of my teenage years in Kathmandu. I'm keen on dedicating my expertise to projects that can create a meaningful change in Nepal. If you have some ideas and would like to collaborate, I would love to get in touch.

You can contact me by email at soyuj at nyu.edu.

What I'm doing now

Updated 8th July, 2023

  • I'm working on a research project with Professor Torsten Suel at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at NYU Tandon.

    The research focuses on enhancing information retrieval accuracy and efficiency by using machine learning to improve learned inverted index structures derived from complex transformer-based ranking systems. To learn more, visit my blog post: Improving Learned Index Structures

  • I'm also occasionally involved with programiz.com to help build their machine learning pipeline for Programiz Pro AI which helps users in code explanation and debugging.

People I have worked with

Simanta Gautam

Engineer, Founder | MIT


November 16, 2020

Soyuj stands out in his ability to grasp abstract concepts, his knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence, and his maturity around systems thinking. Combining these elements with his creativity, Soyuj has an outstanding portfolio of side projects, which includes extending Google’s state-of-the-art AI (trained to play Go) to play Nepal’s popular board game Bagh-Chal, building a real-time computer vision app that enables vision-impaired people to read Nepali currency, and more. His projects done in high school are on the same caliber as final-year capstone projects you expect to see at top undergraduate institutions like MIT.

Soyuj is well ahead of his years as an innovator, and the source of his growth has largely been a self-guided and persistent effort to satisfy his intellectual curiosity. I am excited to see what's ahead for Soyuj, and would highly recommend him to any team.

Abishkar Chhetri

Engineer, Entrepreneur | MIT


October 24, 2020

I worked with Soyuj during Incubate Nepal 2020. As part of the program, we were developing a machine learning based approach to help visually impaired people in Nepal identify banknotes. During our time together, I was struck by Soyuj’s keen insight for problem-solving, dedication towards the project, and his ability to work well in an agile fashion with his teammates. He was able to take on any challenge that came his way and deliver an effective solution in a matter of days. It was a pleasure working with Soyuj and I would highly recommend him for any project that he wishes to pursue.